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Post by Reverie on Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:12 pm

Sidus fervently channeled his energy into that word. That one word of many that escaped the thin, non-constructed prison of a mind he relied on to get him through this one. God. Damn. Word. Tre-- Turan.. Sken..-- Turanskendlet--

He gripped the hem of the massive mountain of a book until he could feel the cover denting his skin and leaving those long red marks for the next few moments. Sighing with alarming disdain, he slid the book across the smooth, seemingly lacquered surface of the cafeteria table.

~Dictionary.. You are easily the most hard challenge I have faced since the grain duster broke~.


Fourty-five minutes have passed and Sidus now slumps across the table with the elder dictionary gripped in his hands, placed as far from him as his arms will reach. He stared at a single word. Its definition. Its use in a sentence. However, it felt as though he was stepping through a door only to find himself back in the hallway with every attempt a slap against the side of his head-- or maybe that was just his splitting headache from lack of sleep and watering. The stress of this new home, a public arena for mental jousting (he felt a surge of pride upon using the word "jousting" correctly in a thought), it had driven him to stuff his face into a dictionary to learn as many new words as he possibly could as to not make a fool of himself in class. To become a laughingstock. To become that dumb foreign hick who even at his age, could barely read or write or think right. Sidus took a nibble of the biscuit the nice lunch lady assistant who stayed late to clean offered him. He didn't use his hands. They were too busy death-gripping his foe (Foe; that was right, I think).

Since the split of the sun's fall, Sidus had made every attempt to avoid anything that had to do with this special holiday. He strode away from the overly decorated halls and found his steps taking strides in the opposite direction from the dance hall-- not that anyone had asked him. He was, after all, the new kid. He had no social status and no interesting qualities to stand out with unless you count unable to read the world tirencdance.

Alongside that, all it did was enforce and highlight how very single and solitary Sidus was in this place.

Instead, he came here to study his dictionary, hoping and every so hoping to learn a couple new words to flash and dazzle.

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