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Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear Empty Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear

Post by Reverie on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:24 am



Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear Bbs_wayfinder_luck_charm_by_cl0udstr1fefangirl-d480o29

Description:A small amulet that fits into the palm of a hand. Reminiscent of a star, each of the arms are blue crystalline with a quicksilver frame and tied by tight leather with a heart-like centerpiece. The amulet is capable of taking and absorbing one instance of non-physical phenomena and storing it inside. It can then be used in two ways. It can be released in an explosion which will set the amulet to crack and become unusable for a little over an hour in which the cracks will slowly heal. The second use is, the amulet projects a weapon but can only project if it has absorbed something as a full entity (such as fire, poison gas, water, etc). This will also crack the amulet. The weapon will last for a little over an hour.

Limit/Weakness: The weapon is a single set entity limited to two existences. meaning if cannot produce more of itself. If a throwing dagger is made, only two can be made. A bow and arrow will come with only one arrow. Also, all weapons are made of thick glass, making them hard enough to do damage but also considerably easier to break.

Note: The only reason the addition "craft a weapon" exists is to entertain the joke made in the Gallia chat so long ago by Shikyo about somebody making an ability to make weapons.

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Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear Empty Re: Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear

Post by Awai on Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:21 pm

Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear HlGBKt6

Pathfinder - Sidus Reverie's gear LKWgRLy

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