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Puppet Impetus - Sidus Reverie's Ability

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Puppet Impetus - Sidus Reverie's Ability

Post by Reverie on Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:44 am

Name: Puppet Impetus

Type 1: Defensive/Supplementary (yet obviously can be manipulated towards offense)

Type 2:Passive

Yes, I know it seems like a lot but it's just a lot of detail and examples to make sure no misunderstandings arise. I prefer not to power play off of unstated details but also do not want to be bound by the overly-specific that nobody is.

Description:The user's body is imbued with a veil of manifestation that manipulates the force behind all physical phenomena. Stated clearly, the user is capable of manipulating momentum of physical interaction on their body. Physical force presented on the user's body can be re-directed, stored, as well as neutralized.

Example: A ball is thrown at the user. The ball hits the user's hand and falls as if it were not thrown.

Example: A punch is thrown at the user. The fist hits the user's hand and it stolen of force, leaving their arm with a “limp noodle” feeling until their brain registers another action such as pulling the arm back.

Example: A rock is thrown at the user. The rock hits the user's hand, is caught, and is thrown with the same force of momentum.

Limit/Weakness: The ability to control momentum is not a permeated shell, it is more like a sheet. It affects the user's body but can be changed in precision.

Example: The user coats their body in their ability. This leaves the ability spread thin and easier to pierce.

It has three levels of stability. The first level is the most powerful where the Impetus is gathered in a single are (such as around a single arm). The second level covers half the user's body and is normal strength which would take considerable combined force to overpower yet shouldn't really be considered a viable time to attack as it is still normal strength of full momentum manipulation. The third level is the weakest where it is spread over the user's body. It is easier to dent and pierce through a powerful blow.

The user is only capable of storing one instance of momentum at a time and upon releasing, can only release it for a maximum or one second, meaning the user cannot throw things over and over and only has one second of stored momentum release.

Additionally, the user is weak to non-physically interactive phenomena such as gas, heat, cold, water is hard to work with, and really anything, ANYTHING that has little to zero physical interaction. Meaning, the user is weak to magic like fire, water, lightning, wind, any kind of laser, acid, etc etc.

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Re: Puppet Impetus - Sidus Reverie's Ability

Post by Awai on Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:18 pm


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