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Post by Reverie on Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:26 am

Sidus Reverie:
Sidus Reverie Fam10

Name: Sidus Reverie

Age: Fifteen

Race: Human

Nationality: Welsh

Height: 5'11

Weight: 135

Relations: A mother, a father, and a younger sister. None of which are worth any further mention.

History: Sidus Reverie was born in a poor, suburban Welsh settlement that played on being a respectable town. His opportunities for an education as sparse as the homes around his own, it was difficult to find a book to read or even a man or woman to read it to him. It was impartial to living off the land and as such, was approached with a very blasé demeanor to more than just one onlooker. However, his education was far from the first worry on his mind. A young man of the land, Sidus used his hands to shape a living from farm work to lumber over on cooking and cleaning. Despite such a simple layer of chore, it was more of a chore just to manage the hands and body he relied on for work.

At first, he assumed it was a part of growing, living in an awkward state of attempting to control his body. Soon after, it felt like a sickness that needed to be cured to no avail. Finally, Sidus could only wonder if he had been cursed. Whatever he seemed to touch or grab, fall over or kick didn't move how it was supposed to. It caused more than one incident of grief and trouble. On his tenth birthday, Sidus was given a choice to stay at home and live despite the hex on him or travel to a more urban city to stay with his father, who worked from afar to provide a check and was responsible for the heralding of Sidus's obscure surename, "Reverie". He was the only one who might be able to help him with his seemingly inhuman dilemma. At first, the young farmer boy was adamant on staying home where he belonged. However, after mistake and accident began to pile up, it became clear there was little choice in attempting to bury his problems under repetitive labour. Sidus traveled to the closest city where his father lived and began his work in mastering this issue.

The first lesson Sidus learned with his father was that this was no curse or sickness, it was an ability. A power. A gift. Incredulous, Sidus could only see how it hindered himself and the others back home. However, his father quickly began to show and idealize what he could do for good. It wasn't long before Sidus began to feel familiar with his power to shift momentum. It kept his mind active and participating which lead to an easy education from his father on basic principles of language and writing and reading, although he still struggles with the finer aspects. After five years with his father, it came time to take the next step. The year prior, he had promised to attend a special academy his father spoke of often far across the ocean and land. He had come to trust his father with his own life and would gladly follow his instruction. With a heavy heart to see his old home one last time, Sidus bid his father farewell before taking his first steps onto his plane and toward that promised land of opportunity; the Midnight Moon Academy.

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Sidus Reverie Empty Re: Sidus Reverie

Post by Awai on Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:58 am

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