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Chakra Manipulation

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Chakra Manipulation Empty Chakra Manipulation

Post by Phantom on Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:30 pm

Chakra Manipulation 1foGRdC

Name: Chakra Manipulation
Type 1: Offense, Defensive
Type 2: Activated
Description: Yuuki is capable of manipulating her chakra, or life energy, to her command. She controls her chakra with different hand seals, and can do things that would usually be deemed impossible by normal people. Some examples are walking on water, or walking on vertical and upside down surfaces.

As a shinobi, she can generate the chakra and release it outside of her body to perform her jutsus. She is only capable of performing Ice Release, which is when she freezes her chakra to produce the ice that's needed. To have good chakra control, one should only mold as much chakra as they need for a jutsu. If they mold more than needed, the excess chakra is wasted, and they can tire out more quickly because of its loss.

Chakra is limited; it's not there forever. When she uses up her chakra supply, she won't be able to use any chakra until it's replenished. Even though she has good chakra control, she can't do genjutsu at all.

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Chakra Manipulation Empty Re: Chakra Manipulation

Post by Teishu on Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:13 pm

Chakra Manipulation HlGBKt6

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