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Post by Teishu on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:18 am

All the students had been gathered into the ball room. Folding chairs had been set out to accommodate all the students and the concert stage had been cleared of the instruments and chairs, replaced with a podium and microphone. Some chairs were also present on the stage for the teachers of the school. As all the students and teachers had gathered into the ballroom and took their seats, a rather busty woman, with long block hair, glasses, and purple colored eyes, took the podium. "Hello students and faculty. Welcome to Midnight Moon Academy! My name is Teishu Yakamura." she smiled at the students that had been gathered, "This is a safe place for everyone who wishes to learn the limits of their powers." Teishu looked down at the podium and pushed her glasses up her nose. "There are those in the world that wish to harm you because they fear you. I ask that you remain within the limits of this school and the city. Outside of that, I cannot protect you from the evil of the world. That being said, you are not prisoners here. You are free to come and go as you please." Teishu took a deep breath and returned with a smile upon her face, "Enough of that! Let's have a great year!"

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