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Post by Aedan on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:07 pm

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Name: Aedan
Race: Human
Weight:167 LB
Relations: Grandpa
History: Sander grew up like any other person, He grew up in Dublin living with his grandfather, who was a teacher at a local school. Growing up sander was cheerful and well manner kid,
he had lots of friends, and was generaly cheerful. He was altheltic as well as making good grades. He had no problems besides the occational bulleying.
During middle school, while doing good at anything he tries, he got bored. He got bored with the way he always could win with chess. He got bored with sports. He got bored studying. And he even got bored with playing with his friends.
It was only during puberty when his powers had gotten activated. He learned he had the power to absorb and control heat. He could absorb heat from fire and even from a heater. He can even absorb heat threw his skin. Though he cant absorb
heat threw cloths or objects. When he started experimenting his powers his life did a complete 180. While experimenting one night he grandfather caught him playing with a lighter and watched him take the flame it turn it completly into ice.
Understanding went threw his grandfather at that moment. He Sander how he did such a thing. Sander exsplained how he got his powers and his experiments, his grandfater nodding along. After Sander finished he sat for awile thinking.
He told Sander to pack his bags and sleep tonight, Tomarrow Sander was going to go to a special school for people with powers.


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Aedan Empty Re: Aedan

Post by Elaria on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:16 pm


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