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Helbram Tatsumaki Empty Helbram Tatsumaki

Post by Helbram on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:14 pm

Helbram Tatsumaki XFsWVBi

Personality: Collected calm and somewhat reserved, Helbram lives a day at a time, sometimes he may actually appear laid back, but most of the time the word "cool" is not good enough to describe him, when it comes to the opposite sex, Helbram appears quite knowledgeble in the art of seduction, but rarely has the time to polish this habit. Though he realizes this is no easy feat especially in an academy who`s teachers are mostly female. A man who cares for his looks, his peach skin and ashen white hair combined with a single ruby red eye is a dashing sight to behold especially if you happen to catch him on his good side. He usually is never seen wearing anything but his suit (which he has numerous examples of each and everyone akin to the next) Helbram also likes sweets, which is why you often see him hogging onto a lollipop during class, he says it helps him to think faster. His teeth are just as white as his hair, and he likes to keep it that way, he actually brushes his teeth clean four times a day. Helbram hardly cares about honor and the like, though he does not attack females or if he does then he usually has a good reason for it. Rarely does one catch him off guard or blushing... He is a very diligent individual always putting his studies above most. One could even call him a genius at work and you would not be far from the truth, allow him to see an attack once or twice and he can figure out how it works, what it is based on and so forth. Helbram appears to keep his right eye closed at all times, this is not because he is blinded on it or because he does not bother to open it, he simply can`t open it at the current time. The right eye is colored neon blue.

Name: Helbram Tatsumaki
Age: 18 (actual age is 27)
Race: Human
Nationality: Korea/Japan
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Relations: Grandpa, Younger Brother/Younger Sister, Father/Mother
History: The Tatsumaki family used to be well known for their destructive power, Helbram`s grandfather took part in the war in vietnam, and later between south and north Korea and used his special talents to the one thing he knew, to wage war. However after the war he was no longer needed, his powers where feared so the army tried to lock him in, aware of the danger he fled to japan. There he got married and got himself involved with the Mafia where his powers could be put to good use, decades passed and he got older, his children took over wielding the same power he did, he did his best to teach his children the ways of "The Drive" an abnormal ability that allowed odd powers to those of the next generation. When Helbram was born he showed no signs of wielding this power, so everyone assumed that he was spared of their "curse" everyone but  Grandpa, you see he was the same when he was born. Everyone though he was useless, that is until his power awakened in a fluctuating performance that reduced an entire hill into a crater reducing everything and anything into ashes around him. He later learned to control this power, this was also taught to Helbram, a name that was given to him by his grandpa. A name to portray his destructive power.

His powers did indeed emerged, more powerful than anyone could have imagined, certainly his powers where immature but Grandpa though they could be tamed, he was wrong and he payed a heavy price for it. Everyone he knew started to fear him even his clan, everyone but Grandpa, he was then sent to the academy by his father.

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Helbram Tatsumaki Empty Re: Helbram Tatsumaki

Post by Teishu on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:16 pm

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